miércoles, 28 de marzo de 2007


I live where you can't see me
Hiding away in the shadows of the deep
I swim into the bottom of your world
For every space I cross I see a thousand pearls
I breathe what I know you fear
All the sounds I love, you will never hear
I know what it is that turns beneath your feet
Floating on the surface of my enchanted sea
Close your eyes and take my hand
Hold your breath as long as you can
We'll leave behind the storms above
And swim into the seas of our love
Your skin is pale and not the shade of mine
Your eyes are darker than the blackest midnight tide
I can't resist from taking you with me
Becoming what it is that all young children dream
You have to leave as soon as you awake
You're eyes will open then this dreamy spell will break
Know when you leave that I'll be waiting here
Waiting for your sleep so I can re-appear

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