martes, 24 de marzo de 2009

Toast at sunset. - Brindis al atardecer.

Juls said:
"Oh! Good! I am so glad that it FINALLY arrived and that you like them! I saw the picnic basket photo on your blog today and thought, "Darnit! I wish that was her wine glasses instead!" I keep imagining you all watching the sunset at the ocean and enjoying a glass of wine... My favorite is red."

The tide brought me these gorgeous "mermaidian" cups with a handmade ornament from the Kingdom of Far Far Away (Texas, USA), where my friend Juls lives…

Just because they´re here, in front of me, I´m feeling like drinking a cup of a delicious, fresh, medium-sweet wine!

So, please, everybody….
Raise your glasses, say “Cheers!” and now, all together, take a sip….
Mmmmmm… delicious!

Next weekend, I´ll take my cup to the beach, and make a toast to our blogs and our friendship at sunset...

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JULS~ dijo...

I really enjoyed selecting the beads for your blog candy ... ocean aqua blues and shimmery mermaid purples. My favorite bead is the swirl and, of course, the starfish is so cute! We just had the best time making these for everyone!

I am glad to see that you are enjoying them already! Jamie had made these for her friends. When I was trying to figure out something to do I thought the glasses would be surprising! Plus, they are so whimsical like so many of us soul sisters in blogland!

It took me a long time to change up my blog header. I noticed that you and alot of others were changing them and a fresh start is always fun! So I followed suit!

Again, thank heavens they made it all in one piece!!!!!

{xoxo} Juls~

JULS~ dijo...



Much love to everyone,