miércoles, 21 de mayo de 2008

A Viggo theory.

(from Breggo.net)

(...) In addition to the 40-odd movies featuring bits of Viggo's work, I found that he is a creator of photographs, paintings, poetry and music. I found that his co-stars invariably speak with admiration and affection of Viggo and his skill, dedication and integrity, that he is a committed parent and has evidently managed to stay clear of the drugs and other scandals so common in Hollywood. I found hundreds of fans, mostly women, publicly proclaiming their adoration for this man, and sharing personal stories of encounters with Viggo in which he showed patience, humor and appreciation for their support, with no traces of condescension. I discovered that he and a partner started Perceval Press not just to publish Viggo's work, but to give a voice to undiscovered talent and to promote books that express their progressive political views. And I caught hints of some sort of "Viggo philosophy" with a focus on creativity, being in the moment, doing what you believe in and not wasting energy worrying about what others are doing or what they think about you're doing.
It was overwhelming. I wanted to know more. I didn't come up for air for hours, or perhaps it was days? I downloaded photographs, listened to sound clips, ordered three movies from Amazon and three books and a CD from Perceval Press. I read interviews and scoured forums looking for conversation on a deeper level from the all-too-common "oooohh he's so hot!!" followed by "I want to have his baby!!" -Yes, people really do write these things-.
When I finally stopped and counted how many hours I'd spent studying the tracks left on the Internet by Viggo's fans, I was a bit unnerved. I have a lot of work that needs doing! I can't afford to spend this kind of time mooning over some movie star, no matter how fascinating he is. And it's not like me to get this way. I appreciate some actors, actresses and musicians more than others, but I don't become obsessed with them. I've racked my brain and the last time I can remember doting on a public figure was John Lennon shortly after the Beatles released their White Album in 1968. I was younger then; surely that was simply a girlish thing.
But when I thought further about why I chose John Lennon to adore back in 1968, I realized there is a common theme between then and now. Because John Lennon was not just a pretty face -- he was intelligent, a dynamic and creative force. He was a man who seemed to treat other people with respect, and who cared enough about the political situation of that time (the Vietnam war) that he spoke out against it. These are all qualities that Viggo seems to share, and furthermore they are exactly the qualities that are so attractive in a person and so often elusive.
Because of course it's not about the pretty face or the trim body. Sure, Viggo is handsome, but so are thousands of other men. Viggo is interesting because he's got integrity and intelligence and a sense of humor but mostly because he passionately pursues what he's interested in. That's what makes him attractive. I think maybe all of us lusting after this Viggo fantasy are really looking for something more real in our lives but we don't know how to find it directly so we get it vicariously by following him.

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